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Child care and kindergarten in St Albans offering holistic, personalised day care and education - catering to all families in the city of Brimbank.

Guiding Principles

Jindi Woraback Guiding Principles

  • The right of the parent to effective participation in the service management and in the policy direction
  • The necessity for the service to be both flexible and responsive to the needs of families
  • The need for the staff to hold relevant professional qualifications, experience in early childhood education and ongoing professional development
  • The necessity for centre Staff to be aware and abide by the AECA code of ethics
  • The rights of Staff to work in a safe environment relating to proper OH&S
  • The necessity for Parents and Visitors to abide by the centres Code of Conduct
  • The necessity for Staff to abide by the centres Code of Work Ethics
  • The right for staff to work in a safe and harmonious environment