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Child care and kindergarten in St Albans offering holistic, personalised day care and education - catering to all families in the city of Brimbank.

Day Care & Early Learning Program

An early childhood education that fosters individual potential

Early Childhood Education and Learning Programs at Jindi Woraback are carefully designed so that each child is nurtured to develop their unique potential. Our educators incorporate learning experiences that cater for both individual and group needs, all of which are gender inclusive. So your child is cared for at a personal level and is also learning about being part of a group.


The natural environment is an essential part of daily life and learning at Jindi Woraback. Children play and learn from a range of
activities and experiences including:

  • Outdoor garden
  • Indigenous Garden
  • Rock garden
  • Vegetable garden
  • Bali hut
  • Infant garden
  • Exploring different areas, textures and environments

We encourage parent and family involvement in all of our programs and welcome your feedback, advice and information about your child’s experiences both with us, and in their lives outside of our early childhood environment.


Each child at Jindi Woraback has their own portfolio. The portfolio includes observations,your child’s interests and learning stories to help us program to your child’s needs reflecting on your child’s development and achievements. We prefer to evaluate and assess a child’s growth through their daily activities rather than via standardised checklists and tests.

Through the portfolio process we aim to:

  • provide an efficient system of communication between teachers and families
  • provide an informative developmental keep sake for families
  • plan an individualised curriculum
  • encourage teachers to use a mechanism that accounts for and explains their planning and evaluating methods